Automatic Key Cutting on the Go

How The Key Machine could be a game changer for key cutting

Automatic key cutting post image by Dan Kosmayer (via Shutterstock).
Keys to Success: Could automatic key cutting booths threaten the key cutting shop? Image by Dan Kosmayer (via Shutterstock).

Once upon a time, having your keys cut meant a trip to your local cobbler or indoor market. Later, names like Mister Minit, Automagic, and Timpson ruled the roost. Of the three, Timpson hasn’t only survived; it has thrived with concessions in branches of Tesco as well as shopping precincts. In a few years time, their key cutting business could be threatened by this innovation.

Enter My Key Machine. Formed in 2010, they spent the first five years of the company’s life in perfecting their automatic key cutting machines. In the last year, My Key Machine began perfecting and installing automatic key machines throughout the UK. Their expansion has been buoyed by a contract with Morrisons’ supermarkets. They grace the lobbies of the Bradford-based superstore chain’s outlets across the UK. Their machines are also available in Asda’s stores and independent shops.

With its head office in London, their technical centre is situated in Norton Canes (best known for its Motorway Services on the M6 Toll road). Their manufacturing base is in Silsden, in the north western part of West Yorkshire.

My Key Machine is able to do an exact copy of your house key (or keys) in just two minutes. Yes, two minutes. Therefore, in the time you could be waiting for a sandwich, your keys could be done in no time at all. At present, the going rate for their automatic key cutting booths is a fiver for one key, or a tenner for three. Some might think at these prices that corners would be cut. According to My Key Machine’s website, the efficiency rate stands at 99.2%. Which means a mere 0.8% of keys were duds.

The key cutting machine has a state-of-the-art imaging system. Customers have the original version of their keys scanned then out comes a perfect copy of your house keys. Can’t be bad at all. In the UK, My Key Machine’s system is unique. Other competitors have yet to follow their lead.

CPPM Locksmiths, 07 December 2016.