Behold the Bluetooth Padlock

A look at the Noke Padlock

The future set of keys for your Bluetooth padlock.
The future set of keys: an Android, iOS or Windows Phone device is needed for Noke’s Bluetooth padlock.

In our increasingly digital lifestyle, it had only been a matter of time before the most basic of devices went from analogue to digital.  The toaster’s probably not far off, but the humble padlock has gone digital.  Thanks to Salt Lake City based company Noke, you can now buy a bluetooth padlock.  It does everything a padlock can, apart from the fact you can use your smartphone to gain entry.

Why would you want a Bluetooth padlock?

As well as its basic function, you can determine who to share your padlock combination with, such as who to permit or deny entry to.

What if you haven’t got a smartphone?

It is possible to use the Noke Bluetooth padlock without a smartphone or tablet.  On purchase, you receive a unique combination code of short and long clicks for use on the shackle.  This is a useful feature for when the battery is dead on your device.

How long is the battery life and what batteries does it take?

The Noke Bluetooth padlock takes a standard 2032 watch battery.  Not only can these batteries be bought in many supermarkets and smaller shops, they also last more than a year.  Plus, the app notifies you when your padlock runs low.

What about weather?

Like a normal padlock, it is weather resistant.

What if my padlock goes missing?

The Bluetooth padlock has a built-in Global Positioning System.  You can trace the location of your Bluetooth padlock through the app, with help from Google Maps.

What devices is it compatible with?

Any iOS device from iPhone 4 and upwards; also Windows Phone (Bluetooth 4.0 and Windows 10) and Android (Bluetooth 4.0 or Android 4.3 Jelly Bean upwards) devices.

The Noke Bluetooth padlock is available from, priced £59.99 including postage and packaging. For further information, visit Noke’s website.

CPPM Locksmiths, 25 January 2016.