My Daughter, The Lockpicker Extraordinaire

How a two-year-old daughter’s skills as a lockpicker led to this clip from her mother

Jennie Dudson, aged 31 from Moston, has a daughter with a very special talent. One which, in sixteen years time, could see her joining CPPM Locksmiths should she move to Oxford. Since the age of fifteen months, her daughter, Michaela, has become adept at finding her way out of baby gates and her bedroom. The infant lockpicker has been hailed as a “mini Houdini”. Continue reading “My Daughter, The Lockpicker Extraordinaire”

Strange But True Crime Stories

secure home

A collection of strange but true crime stories from recent and not-so-recent times, and similar oddities

Have you heard the one about the stolen footbridge in a Selby holding yard? Or the theft of several burglar alarms? For today’s post, we are looking at some of the most unusual crime stories to have happened in recent times. In other words, we are Road Wars without the road, let alone Sky’s budget. With today being one of three Fridays before Christmas, we have plumped for something a bit more light-hearted. Continue reading “Strange But True Crime Stories”

History of Locksmiths

Ever wondered how locks were first made? As Oxford locksmiths, we specialise in this area and have produced a handy infographic to show the history of locksmiths throughout the years, from the ancient Egyptians to the distinctive designs by Yale, whose locking systems are still in use today! Continue reading “History of Locksmiths”