Car Lockout Kits Concerns Over Car Crime

How car lockout kits could be tasty for thieves

Car lockout kits theft image.
Not a scratch: the latest car lockout kits wouldn’t leave a dent in your vehicle lock. Instead, a real dent in your vehicle insurance premiums. Image by Welcomia (via Shutterstock).

In our previous blog post, we looked at how a selection of lock picking kits on Amazon shocked the Daily Mail. This time, the Sunday Mirror (13 November 2016 edition) shared a similar concern, over car lockout kits. According to the Sunday newspaper, some of the state-of-the-art car lockout kits can fetch up to £600 and resemble regular car keys.

There has been reports of tradespeople having their vans broken into with the said kits. With the new generation of car lockout kits making no tangible marks on the lock, these have become a nightmare for insurance companies. With the lack of damage done to vehicles, it is assumed by insurance companies that vehicles may have been left unlocked. Therefore, insurance companies are unable to pay out.

At the lower end of the price scale (source:, 14 November 2016), you can get one kit for less than £20. The Ford Tibbe lock pick and decoder locksmith pick tools is one example. For £19.30, plus free Postage and Packaging, this kit enables you to gain entry into any Ford car or van. The reviews are positive though the first one is worthy of quoting.

“Good product, being a Ford specialist workshop this will come in very useful, although I believe there should be something in place to avoid these being sold to the wrong kind of people.”

Our thoughts exactly. From the Sunday Mirror‘s article, a chief from the National Police Chiefs’ Council said: “We are working with the Home Office and across key industries to prevent the effectiveness of these devices and to roll out new, more difficult to access locks.

“People should report websites or other sources of tools or advice that are ­encouraging or facilitating crime.”

Amazon may be too big to convince, but enough comments from concerned customers could lead to a change of heart.

CPPM Locksmiths, 14 November 2016.