My Daughter, The Lockpicker Extraordinaire

How a two-year-old daughter’s skills as a lockpicker led to this clip from her mother

Jennie Dudson, aged 31 from Moston, has a daughter with a very special talent. One which, in sixteen years time, could see her joining CPPM Locksmiths should she move to Oxford. Since the age of fifteen months, her daughter, Michaela, has become adept at finding her way out of baby gates and her bedroom. The infant lockpicker has been hailed as a “mini Houdini”.

Her mother has tried everything to stop Michaela from escaping their house. She has a wooden gate at her bedroom, plus two metal gates at her playroom and at the top of the stairs. Even so, she has managed to find her way out, picking at the locks with a child’s necklace. On the 14 January, she used a child’s necklace to get out of her playroom and said “ta-da” after her mission was accomplished.

Unknown to Michaela, her mother’s smartphone was recording her actions. Both Jennie and her husband, Matthew, had been amazed at her antics as a lockpicker. After returning to the playroom, with the gate locked, she repeated her lock picking feat. They were perplexed.

Their story was covered in the Manchester Evening News, the very source of this video clip seen below:

CPPM Locksmiths, 26 January 2017.