Forgot To Set The Burglar Alarm? Sorry, No Claim

Warning: forgetting to set your burglar alarm could invalidate your insurance claim

Burglar alarm by Swart Kappie (via Shutterstock).
If it opens, lock it… and set your burglar alarm too. Image by Swart Kappie (via Shutterstock).

Your home may be blessed with the latest state-of-the-art burglar alarm system. Alongside your CCTV cameras, floodlighting and lock plates on your doors, your house should be safe as (ahem!) houses. If you set the alarm, safer still and fully covered.

What if, for one night, you forget to set the burglar alarm? Then face a break-in? With some insurance companies forgetting to set your alarm invalidates your claim. In other words, no redress for your burglary. You may find this clause in the small print of your insurance policy.

According to an article seen in the Daily Mail’s Mail Money section a policyholder with Royal Sun Alliance was caught out by the clause. A report from the Financial Ombudsman Service said the RSA relied on a clause that said: “theft would not be covered when there was no adult in the property unless the family had ‘set the burglar alarm if you have one’”.

We at CPPM Locksmiths think you should check the small print in your policy. If it does contain that clause, please, please, remember to set your alarm before you go to bed.

CPPM Locksmiths, 24 January 2017.