Hatton Garden Half Dozen’s £29m Haul

Six elderly thieves await sentencing for Hatton Garden heist

Hatton Garden image by Lance Bellers (via Shutterstock).
Hatton Garden image by Lance Bellers (via Shutterstock).

Six elderly thieves could be seeing out the rest of their lives in jail, if they fail to pay back the proceeds of their Hatton Garden heist. The heist which took place on Easter Monday 2015 saw the gang of six (with a combined age of 448) stealing an estimated £10 million worth of jewellery and cash. This year on further investigation, the figure rose to £29 million. (It could be £30 million by the time you have read this).

If they fail to pay the proceeds of their crime, they could face another fourteen years in jail. So far, the Hatton Garden gang have received custodial sentences of seven years – without parole. Four of the six have already pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit burglary. They were Brian Reader (78), John Collins (76), Daniel Jones (62), and Terry Perkins (68). A fifth member, William Lincoln (60), has already been convicted by a jury for the same offence. Wanted by police is a sixth man, known as Basil or The Ghost.

The items were stolen from Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd. Then, the gang of six came forward after an earlier trial involving the Easter Monday 2015 incident. This week’s hearing from Woolwich Crown Court led to the revised figure of £29 million, following a confiscation order. Among the haul was several diamonds, Rolex watches, countless precious stones and gold bullion.

What has delayed the case further is the health of Brian Reader. In a biography, he is hailed as Britain’s most prolific thief and has been involved in raids totalling £200 million. The book, One Last Job, detailed his plans for the Hatton Garden raid.

CPPM Locksmiths, 03 February 2017.

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