Keeping Track Of Your Keys

It can often be impossible to determine how many duplicate keys might exist for a residential or commercial property. Previous owners, tenants, their relatives or friends, even former employees could have had additional keys cut from any they were entrusted with.

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Even acquaintances with malicious intent can intercept a key, have it copied within minutes then replace the original before anyone has had time to notice. When purchasing a new property changing the locks through accredited, professional locksmith services is the wisest solution. But to prevent new locks becoming vulnerable to unauthorised duplicate keys, there are several secure measures to consider.

Restricted Keys

A restricted key is a highly secure option that is popular with business owners and landlords. The key has a limited range geographically and is supplied with customised, coded settings that are registered to the owner. If a key is lost, an approved locksmith can access the code to cut a duplicate but only on the owner’s authorisation. Some restricted keys have an additional emergency feature which allows the lock to operate from the exterior even if a key is in place on the inside. This type of system is an advantage for residences such as sheltered housing.

Patented Keys

A patented key is cut to a unique design that is protected by a legally binding patent. Although acquiring an unauthorised duplicate is unlikely, it’s bearer would be subject to criminal prosecution. This type of key is only available through the manufacturer and distributor who register ownership. Additional keys can only be cut once the owner’s identity and signature have been confirmed.

Keyed Alike

A keyed alike system involves just one key to operate every lock within a property including individual padlocks. It is a cost-effective system that saves carrying large bunches of assorted keys. Every lock in the property must match. The most suitable are deadlock and sashlock mortice locks which can be fitted to any doors including internal cupboards.

Locksmith Services you can Trust

CPPM Locksmiths offer highly secure, efficient locksmith services for residential and commercial properties throughout Oxfordshire. Every employee is checked through the DBS service. Only locks accompanied by the owner’s valid identification are repaired or replaced. An emergency service is available 24/7 and includes repairs to PVC window and door frames.