Locksmith Van Theft Means Change of 7,300 Locks

Van theft could see mass changing of locks within Canadian social housing scheme

Locksmith van theft post image of Calgary view by Pashu Ta Studio (via Shutterstock).
A view of Calgary, a Canadian city famed for Eddie the Eagle Edwards’ performance in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Image by Pashu Ta Studio (via Shutterstock).

An unprecedented van theft has affected up to 7,300 tenants in the Canadian city of Calgary, Alberta. The reason behind this unusual theft is the kind of vehicle which has been stolen. That of a locksmith’s van from the Alberta state city of Airdrie. The van, owned by ABOE Lockworks, was recovered on Township Road 264 in Balzac.

Prior to its theft, it was undertaking work for Calgary Housing Company, a social landlord in the Alberta state. The van was last seen in the south western part of Airdrie on a car park beside an apartment block. Also stolen from the van was equipment and tools, used in the making of new key; plus security information about a number of CHC’s buildings.

With up to 7,300 dwellings in 211 properties affected, the social housing concern will be getting the locks changed on all its properties. This accounts for three-quarters of the Calgary Housing Company’s property portfolio out of 10,000 homes. The company has 25,000 tenants.

Calgary Housing Company, on the CTV News website said they weren’t sure about how many properties were affected. They did stress that changing the locks will take up to six weeks. Furthermore, they weren’t sure of where the money would come from to fund this project. Who would have thought that a van theft would have caused so much chaos? Especially if the van theft is a locksmith’s van.

ABOE Lockworks were founded in 1978 by Bruce Attwell and Ernie Olson. After pondering on a possible name, they opted to use their initials. With Bruce’s initials, the ‘A’ was switched to the front. This ensured the company was seen in the front pages of the Yellow Pages.

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