The Merits of Lock Strike Plates

How lock strike plates play an important role in home security

Lock strike plates image.
Cheap and effective: costing less than, or equal to, a pint of lager, lock strike plates should be added to all exterior doors. Image by Kurhan (via Shutterstock).

Sometimes the cheapest home security measures are among the most effective. For less than, or at the same price as, a pint of beer, humble lock strike plates have stood the test of time. Alongside new-fangled electronic systems, it is amazing how something so simple can stand up to the thieves.

Lock strike plates are seen on the inside of a door frame. They are made of metal and stop intruders from breaking the locks. Should anyone try to break in, the wooden door frame would take a hit. The lock retains intact. They are available in nickel plating and electro-nickel brass. Whereas an entry level strike plate offers adequate protection, these are bettered only by their heavy duty counterparts. For external doors, we at CPPM Locksmiths recommend taking this route.

Heavy duty lock strike plates

In a nutshell they offer more resistance against intruders than their standard counterparts. Some are designed to cover a greater part of the door. One version, Safe Homes International’s StrikeMaster II Pro, extends the strike plate length to five feet. This reduces the scope for broken entries as well as broken doors.

As well as offering the strike plates for sale, we at CPPM Locksmiths can source suitable makes and carry out the installation work too. Whether you choose your own lock strike plates or let us help you, prior to our lock fitting installation,  it’s entirely down to you.

CPPM Locksmiths, 11 October 2016.