Strange But True Crime Stories

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A collection of strange but true crime stories from recent and not-so-recent times, and similar oddities

Have you heard the one about the stolen footbridge in a Selby holding yard? Or the theft of several burglar alarms? For today’s post, we are looking at some of the most unusual crime stories to have happened in recent times. In other words, we are Road Wars without the road, let alone Sky’s budget. With today being one of three Fridays before Christmas, we have plumped for something a bit more light-hearted.

Christmas Decorations Trigger Burglar Alarms

In Longmont, Colorado, a house on the 3100 block in the city was found to have been triggered by Christmas decorations. The incident was reported at 5.10pm, Colorado time on Saturday, 03 December 2016.

Dude, Where’s My Footbridge?

On the 16 – 17 February 2011, a pedestrian bridge worth £25,000 was stolen from a holding yard in Selby. It was going to be used for the Trinity Leeds shopping centre.

Burglar Alarm Thefts

Two pallet loads of security alarms were stolen from the back of a lorry on the A14 near Cambridge. Whilst the lorry driver was asleep, the curtain side of the trailer was slashed. At 8pm on the 09 November, and at 4am the following day, the two pallet loads of burglar alarms were stolen.

An object lesson on how not to use social media

This is probably one of the most weird crime stories we have come across. Christopher Wallace, a criminal on the run, was caught by his Snapchat postings. His crime, the alleged theft of cooking equipment from a house in Maine, New England.

More Strange But True Crime Stories

Oxfordshire, UKIt Shouldn’t Happen to an Alarm Technician

In Offerton, near Stockport, an ADT Fire and Security Alarm van crashed into a house on Layton Close. The resident, quietly watching television sent for ADT to see to his burglar alarm. After helping Joe Graham (35), the van rolled down the slope of the cul-de-sac and crashed into his garage, hitting gas pipes along the way. With his birthday the day after, this incident made his celebrations one to remember for the wrong reasons.

Attack of the Sex Starved Spiders
In our second strange tale, we look at how lecherous spiders have scared households in more ways than one. Some Tegenaria gigantea and Tegenaria saeva spiders have grown to larger than average sizes than normal. So large, that we’ve seen reports of them setting off burglar alarms. That scared one resident in Heywood, Lancashire, who said there was a spate of burglaries. Just to make matters worse, we are close to the spider mating season, which is traditionally September on these shores.

Could Bacon Foil the Burglars?
Melvin Burns, whose Moo Nay Farms have been the subject of two burglaries in two months, is offering Canadian Poirot wannabes a special reward. For anyone who can trace the culprit for one crime, 2kg of bacon will be your reward. The Canadian farmer is looking for clues as to who stole a $1,000 worth of power tools.


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