Are Hackers Watching You On CCTV?

How hackers have infiltrated private CCTV and baby listening equipment

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It’s 11.30 am in the Big Brother house, and Colin is enjoying a nice mug of Yorkshire Tea. His housemate, Penny is talking about the good times of Noel Edmonds’ career with reference to his Saturday night behemoth, Noel’s House Party.

“That Noel’s House Party, great Saturday night viewing. Mr. Blobby, the Gotcha Oscars, Grab-a-Grand, the gunge tank, NTV…”
“Penny, if you don’t mind me asking: do you have the feeling we are being watched? Like on NTV?”

Big Brother has gone beyond the prophecies of George Orwell in the excellent novel, 1984. On Channel Five (late of Channel Four on our shores), it is carte blanche to look at the shenanigans of people desperate to get on TV (or to relaunch their career). Amid the hubbub of Endemol’s famous televisual import, somebody else could be watching a different version. Right now, underworld hackers could be watching Big Brother: Abingdon Edition. Continue reading “Are Hackers Watching You On CCTV?”

Introducing Alfred: Android Based CCTV

How Google’s OS, and Alfred, can help to secure your home
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Sometimes, having appropriate locks on your doors and windows isn’t enough to secure your home. You can also mark your valuables with a security pen, detailing your name, address and postcode. Another common way to secure your home includes CCTV, but systems can either be over-engineered or expensive for smaller properties. Taking its name from Batman’s butler is the Alfred app, a low-cost solution powered by two Android devices. Continue reading “Introducing Alfred: Android Based CCTV”

Scandal of the Not So Smart Alarms

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They have been sold as a state-of-the-art alternative to metal locking systems and bog-standard burglar alarms. Thanks to the internet and global packet radio systems, a digitally controlled security system is affordable for households and businesses. They can complement ‘traditional’ Yale locks and mortice locks and take the place of traditional burglar alarms. Households can switch the burglar alarm on and off with a mobile device. Continue reading “Scandal of the Not So Smart Alarms”