Six Home Security Mistakes to Avoid Making

hackers cctvA look at the most obvious home security mistakes you should refrain from doing

“Do you remember the 21st night of September…?” Ah, September: either summer’s last hurrah, or a sure sign that autumn has arrived. Apart from being that point of the year when the schools start again, it is a popular time for burglars. If you remember one of our previous articles, it stated how autumn provided rich pickings for thieves. Sometimes with home security, we might be ill prepared, or make silly mistakes.

Silly mistakes have set the tone for this article. CPPM Locksmiths look at six home security mistakes you should avoid, to keep the burglars at bay.

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More Strange But True Crime Stories

Oxfordshire, UKCPPM Locksmiths’ newsround of strange crime and security related stories from various news sources

As we dust off the cobwebs of another month, here’s a post you might enjoy. Following on from last December’s anthology of Strange But True crime stories, we have another selection of strange stories. A few you may have missed, whilst sunbathing in Costa del Witney or Le Cote des Abingdon. Here’s a few that made us laugh, cry, or cringe. Continue reading “More Strange But True Crime Stories”