The Vacuum Cleaning CCTV Camera

robot vacuum cleanerHow LG’s Hom-Bot Turbo+ combines the functions of robotic vacuum cleaning and a CCTV camera

With the technological direction of travel, the changes to LG’s new version of the Hom-Bot robotic vacuum cleaner should come as no surprise. If you are familiar with robotic vacuum cleaners like the Roomba, they use cameras and motion sensors for vacuum cleaning. You might have they use similar technology to home security systems.

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Crime Related Public Information Films

What can it be? CPPM Locksmiths’ look at some home security public information films from the past

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Public Information Films: they are as part of British culture as well as their intended purpose. They were originally created for wartime purposes by the Ministry of Information – later the Central Office of Information. They specialised in disseminating important information, in film and televisual forms. When peacetime arrived, PIFs were used to warn people about burglars, the threat of nuclear war, strangers, and drink-driving.

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Introducing Alfred: Android Based CCTV

How Google’s OS, and Alfred, can help to secure your home
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Sometimes, having appropriate locks on your doors and windows isn’t enough to secure your home. You can also mark your valuables with a security pen, detailing your name, address and postcode. Another common way to secure your home includes CCTV, but systems can either be over-engineered or expensive for smaller properties. Taking its name from Batman’s butler is the Alfred app, a low-cost solution powered by two Android devices. Continue reading “Introducing Alfred: Android Based CCTV”