The Best Home Security Cameras

security cameraShopping around for home security can be a tough task and it is often the case that no expense is spared when it comes to protecting your family. Tech companies are becoming increasingly savvy to the fact that people do not want to be overcharged for security and in turn they are providing many affordable solutions to suit the needs of any home. Continue reading “The Best Home Security Cameras”

Why the iSmart Is Not So Smart

Five fundamental security flaws spotted in the iSmart system

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Have you ever thought of purchasing (or already own) the iSmart electronic security system? You might need to shop around. In spite of being known as the highest rated digital security system by the Cnet website, recent findings may sully its reputation. From BullGuard, a study by Ilia Shnaidman (Head of Security Research at BullGuard Dojo), noted five glaring issues.

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Would You Buy an Amazon Security Camera?

Could Amazon’s new security camera complement Echo?

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Earlier this month, it has been revealed that Amazon will be releasing its first security camera. At this moment, there is a number of home CCTV systems that work with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. If Amazon’s own device doesn’t complement its Echo system, we will be very surprised indeed.

Details of the product have already been leaked on the AFTVnews website. From their picture, it looks very promising. Instead of the hemispherical look of typical home CCTV systems, the Amazon CCTV camera looks like a 1950s radio mike. Despite looking like something that Pete Murray would have used on Radio Luxembourg, there are two built-in mics at the top and mics on each corner. It has a pivoting base.

Once we find out about its release date and prices, we shall keep you informed. This may be a future post on our blog.

CPPM Locksmiths, 14 March 2017.