The Strongest Door Locks on The Market

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When it comes to ensuring the security of our homes, choosing a secure lock is the first priority. This means choosing the strongest secure lock, with other factors such as style, cost and finish coming afterwards. Choosing a secure lock will also depend on other factors such as whether the lock will be used in an interior or exterior door, which will determine the type of locking mechanism to be installed. It is highly recommended to invest in a high quality lock that is durable for the long time. This is to ensure you will not have to change your locks frequently. Continue reading “The Strongest Door Locks on The Market”

Why the iSmart Is Not So Smart

Five fundamental security flaws spotted in the iSmart system

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Have you ever thought of purchasing (or already own) the iSmart electronic security system? You might need to shop around. In spite of being known as the highest rated digital security system by the Cnet website, recent findings may sully its reputation. From BullGuard, a study by Ilia Shnaidman (Head of Security Research at BullGuard Dojo), noted five glaring issues.

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History of Locksmiths

Ever wondered how locks were first made? As Oxford locksmiths, we specialise in this area and have produced a handy infographic to show the history of locksmiths throughout the years, from the ancient Egyptians to the distinctive designs by Yale, whose locking systems are still in use today! Continue reading “History of Locksmiths”

Avoiding Bogus Locksmith Services

How to avoid bogus locksmith services that could cost you more in the long run

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You might need this guide. Hopefully, you wouldn’t need to refer to this post at all, especially if you’ve turned to us in the past. For our industry, bogus locksmith services give our respected profession a bad name. As with any other product or service, two important words apply; caveat emptor. In other words, buyer beware.

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