UrbanAlps’ Virtually Unforgeable Key

How the UrbanAlps Stealth Key will add a new dimension to the ‘traditional’ lock

UrbanAlps blog image by Lady-Luck (via Shutterstock).
The UrbanAlps key aims to be virtually forge proof. Unlike this Plasticine key held by a morbidly obese Vinnie Jones lookalike. Image by Lady-Luck (via Shutterstock).

With the Internet of Things, electronic safes, and locking systems setting the news agenda in our industry, it is nice to see a new development for ‘traditional locks’. Over in Switzerland, UrbanAlps have developed a game changing mechanical lock known as the Stealth Key. The difference lies in its construction.

3D printing and hidden teeth

Where UrbanAlps’ system varies from your bog standard key is the fact that each key is 3D printed. Using titanium, its teeth are hidden from view. This makes the key harder to duplicate than standard keys and secure keys. According to their website, trying to copy a Stealth Key is seven times harder than a secure key. Compared with standard keys, ten times harder.

How is it the case? As well as its hidden teeth, there are five million possible combinations. This makes the Stealth Key harder to copy at your local key cutting shop. The chances of your key being forged are virtually nil.

Company founder Alejandro Ojeda said on the Dezeen blog it would “raise the bar of difficulty” for wannabe forgers. He also added that “We do not claim that the key is impossible to copy, but that the masses cannot. MacGyvers with special tools can certainly accomplish it. With the Stealth Key, we raise again the bar of difficulty.”

Environmentally friendly

Unlike conventional keys, UrbanAlps’ Stealth Keys are produced in more environmentally friendly ways. The use of 3D printed titanium means less than 2% of materials are wasted.

For further information about UrbanAlps’ Stealth Key, their website has the lowdown. Before we close this entry, here’s a YouTube clip of the key in action.

CPPM Locksmiths, 26 April 2017.