What Is Lock Snapping?

You Think You Have Locked Your Door? Think Again!

Burglars use simple hand tools like screwdrivers and hammers to snap locks. Upsettingly, it is a matter of 5-10 seconds, and your door is opened. No experience or skill is required. Just some brute force and the lock snapping becomes successful.lock repairs

Media reports have shown a significant increase in burglary cases using this technique. Moreover, police crime statistics have highlighted that the method is used in over 30% of burglaries in and around Oxfordshire, UK. Here’s the scoop!

Lock Snapping

This is a break-in mechanism that involves snapping a euro cylinder lock into 2. Once the right amount of force is applied, the outside part of the lock is removed, and the locking mechanism is exposed. The exposure makes the locking mechanism vulnerable to tampering as it is the weakest point of the lock. The door can then be unlocked. Euro cylinders are found on most properties with UPVC doors. If the euro-cylinder lock is not tested and approved to either TS007 3* or SS312 Diamond standards, then it is prone to lock snapping.

Prevent Lock Snapping Today!

Preventing lock snapping may not be a do-it-yourself activity. Our locksmiths will help you in the lock repairs. They supply and fit any types of locks. Ranging from windows, doors, cabinets to garages. The locks conform to the latest British Standards. The team of locksmiths are DBS checked and well trained to offer satisfactory services to clients. Security is simply a priority. With our locksmiths, the following lock repairs can be of help:

  • Setting a euro cylinder lock that is tested and approved to SS312 diamond standards. Such locks resist the lock snapping form of attack. The locksmith will ensure the correct size of lock is correctly fitted to your door.
  • If the locksmiths do not use the SS312 Diamond cylinder, then they should check to find out whether your euro cylinder reaches the 3-star Kitemark standard. If this is so, then your lock is resistant to snapping.

Why Choose CPPM As Your Local Locksmiths?

We offer 24/7 emergency services on all commercial and domestic properties. Our well-trained and experienced staff will always help with your lock repairs whenever needed. Repairs are offered on all PVC windows and doors. This means that you can be sure your house is safe even if you are out. All our services are insurance approved. Customers are therefore guaranteed of quality services.

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