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Measures to Take To Secure Your Belongings This Christmas

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                                                 Stay safe over Christmas

Try not to leave home looking empty. Consider doing tasks such as cutting the garden before going to keep the house looking organised and not abandoned. Also, it can be very convenient to ask a neighbour if they can water your flowers or garden to keep them alive. Most people have planned to travel during the Christmas season to be with their families but worry about the safe the of their properties. Here are some interesting this to start with when planning the Christmas trip.

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Daily Tasks of a Locksmith

Daily Locksmith Tasks

A locksmith is anyone who has got all the skills needed to install, maintain, secure, fix, and opens locks on safes, doors and other places where there are locks. This is contrary to the perception of many people that locksmiths just cut keys even though key cutting is part of what a locksmith has to do. The locksmiths of today are doing more than just operating locks, they can act as security consultants, do forensic locksmithing and offer other professional services related to locksmithing. Continue reading Daily Tasks of a Locksmith

Bolton Locksmith Performs Good Samaritan Role

Mystery locksmith fixes locks of burgled elderly couple

Rivington Pike, Horwich: close to the home of the good hearted locksmith.
Rivington Pike, Horwich: close to the home of the good-hearted locksmith. Image by Sue Burton Photography (via Shutterstock).

We at CPPM Locksmiths are happy to find that our planet still has some all-round good eggs left. In what has been a turbulent year for everybody from the locksmith to the previous Prime Minister, here’s a nice story for you. In Horwich, a small town on the outskirts of Bolton in Lancashire, an anonymous locksmith came to the rescue of an elderly couple.

On the 30 October, the flat of an elderly couple was broken into. The husband, 96 years of age, is a Second World War veteran. His wife is 88 years of age. The thief made off with their wedding rings and engagement rings, and the husband’s army papers.

After their story made The Bolton News, an anonymous locksmith from Horwich was moved by their plight. Enraged, he got in touch with a local community group, Horwich First. They got in touch with the local police and contacted their son.

Later, the locksmith found their address and spoke to the couple. Security locks were fitted to their windows. The job, normally £130, was done on a pro bono basis. In other words, free of charge. He said in The Bolton News:

“Money is just not an issue with something like this, when someone has given so much it is important to give something back — too many people just walk on by these days.”

He wishes to retain his anonymity, and he stated that he didn’t do the job to attract publicity. There’s only one thing we could say, “what a guy”. If we heard about more locksmiths like the gentleman from Horwich, our profession would be given a better press.

CPPM Locksmiths, 25 November 2016