Locksmiths in Didcot

If you’re in need of locksmiths in Didcot then look no further than CPPM Locksmiths. We have been operating in Abingdon for a number of years, helping locked-out homeowners and leaving behind satisfied customers everywhere we service. After expanding to cope with the demand for, we also started to service Oxford. More recently we’re happy to say there’s now more locksmiths in Didcot!

Didcot is located in Oxfordshire, 9 miles south of Oxford. It is well known for its railway museum (Didcot Railway Centre) and of course, the Didcot power stations.

CPPM endeavours to meet our customers’ needs, whenever our locksmith services are needed. We answer the phone 24/7, day or night, and a time estimate on how long it will take us to complete the job will be given.

We at CPPM will not charge you until the job is complete. This excludes cases where a specific component needs to be ordered, in which case a deposit will be required. Unlike many locksmith businesses, we are not a freephone call centre, which subcontracts your work to another local business. With these services you can’t guarantee when they’ll turn up, if at all.

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24 Hour Locksmiths Didcot

CPPM can be relied on as your emergency 24 hour locksmiths in Didcot. You can call us anytime of the  day or night and we will come out and provide the required services across Didcot with no third parties involved. We put every effort into getting to you – not just on time, but earlier, if we are able to.

On arrival to the property, our Didcot Locksmiths will always ask for your ID. We want to make sure that the person we speak to is really supposed to be at the property. Security is our absolute top priority, as it should be for a company who is tasked with gaining entry to buildings.

While we check our customers to make sure they are who they say they are, we also carefully check our staff. Each member of staff has a thorough DBS check before they’re allowed anywhere near our clients’ home or property. This is to make 100% certain that nobody dangerous is able to enter your property. We do all this specifically for your peace of mind. Your home is supposed to be a safe place, and we understand this. For 24 hour locksmiths in Didcot please call us on 01235 239 068 or 07760 537147. Alternatively, send us an email and we will get back in touch as quickly as possible.