UPVC Lock Replacement & Repairs

UPVC lock mechanisms come in a variety of styles but they all share common operational systems. UPVC locks, which are also called multi-point locks, operate similarly regardless of the number or type of locking points such as rollers or hooks an bolts. Usually, they’re triggered by lifting the handle which activates the locking point and the entire system locks.

Do You Need a UPVC Lock Replacement or UPVC Lock Repairs?

However, you can face a system failure which can lead to more damage if you don’t call a professional locksmith for UPVC lock repairs or a UPVC lock replacement. To prevent further damage you should call our experts at CPPM Locksmiths, which serves not only Abington but also HeadingtonOxford, and the surrounding areas.

Symptoms of Lock Failure Which Require UPVC Lock Repair or Replacements

Usually, you’ll find signs that your UPVC lock system is failing such as extra pressure required to operate the handle, a loose or spinning handle, locked cylinders or the UPVC door only locks from one side.

Your UPVC door may not be locking properly if the handle is stiff or the key won’t turn fully which suggests that the door is not aligned. However, UPVC lock repairs can remedy the situation. But, when the door only locks from one side, you’ll need a lock replacement because the lock barrel won’t allow for the key to turn.

But, if the handle of the door is spinning all the way, and won’t allow the door to open, by forcing the internal components of the lock they can break. If the spindle breaks in the lock’s box then you require a UPVC lock replacement.

However, if you’re locked out or you’ve lost your keys don’t force the door open because you may damage the multi-point lock. Instead, call a specialist from CPPM Locksmiths for help. A locksmith can drill or pick the lock to open the door without causing any damage.

We specialise in dealing with a wide range of security systems, we’re up to date on all technology advancements and we guarantee that your lock will be operating after we repair it. In addition, since we have extensive knowledge and experience with a variety of locking systems, we can help you lower costs and avoid lock replacements by simply performing a UPVC lock repair.

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Safety is a high priority and you should protect your home at all times. So, whenever you’re require UPVC lock repairs or a UPVC lock replacement, don’t attempt to resolve it on your own. Call the experts at CPPM Locksmiths on 07760 537147 or send us an email enquiry. We are a team of highly trained and skilled professionals who can handle a large range of home security matters.