Smart Locks vs. Traditional Locks

Smart Locks vs Traditional Locks: Which Is Better For You?

Having a solid and reliable lock is an essential security consideration to make whether in a residential or commercial premise. Cases of burglary and losing keys are inevitable hence the need for a convenient and secure lock.

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In recent times, we’ve seen the evolution of smart locks to improve the safety and security of properties. However, are they a sure substitution to the good old deadbolt locks? Let’s find out by analysing each of their features.

Traditional locks

These are the conventional locks that rely on a physical key to activate the locking mechanism. Their method of locking may vary depending on the brand. Also, they come in varied security ratings, sizes, and prices depending on your personal needs. Common ones include rim, mortise, knob, deadbolt, and pin tumbler locks. These barebones locks have held their own pretty well in burglar proofing. They’ve been tried and tested over time to come up with some superior locks for premium security. In addition, traditional locksmith experts like CPPM in Abington – who also serve Oxford and its vicinity – are easily accessible and immensely skilled at repairing, replacing and maintaining traditional locks.

Smart Locks

These are locks that rely on electricity, Bluetooth or internet to unlock/lock. Most of them are accessed via smartphone apps. Since they are relatively new in the market, accessing reliable locksmith services may prove a tough ordeal. Smart locks seek to solve the problem of traditional locks, which include ease of picking and loss of keys.

The Comparison

In terms of security, both locks are great. While the traditional locks are susceptible to picking or snapping, the smart locks are prone to hacking since they rely on internet connectivity. At a slightly higher cost, you can get pick- or snap-proof traditional locks for better security. Smart locks are more appropriate in business premises where there is high traffic. In such cases, producing multiple key duplicates might prove to be a security threat.

Regarding reliability, traditional locks are recommended. As mentioned, they’ve been around for decades and people are well versed with their weaknesses or strengths. This makes it easy to find locksmith services in case of any problem. With smart locks, you might need an IT specialist in case you forget your password or it gets hacked. Moreover, once you run out of batteries or lose your phone, you might be in serious trouble unless you can find a specialist.

The final aspect that might help you draw the line is the cost. Smart locks are quite expensive being a new technology. On the other hand, traditional locks are cheap without compromising security. All factors considered traditional locks remain a solid choice provided you have a spare key. However, you might want to consider your needs before settling on a particular lock type.