A Brief History of Banbury

Banbury townThe Origin of Banbury and Influence of Roman and Anglo-Saxon

Banbury is an old town located in the current district of Cherwell. The town history dates over one thousand and five hundred years back. The name Banbury was derived from two names. First, part “Ban” comes from a Saxon Chieftain known as Banna who is said to have developed a stockade in the town. The “Bury” part is copied from the term burgh, which refers to settlement. Continue reading “A Brief History of Banbury”

Tackling the Biggest Threat to the Security of our Homes

Banbury townWith a population of over 24,000, Banbury town was subject to as many as 3,341 reported crimes in 2017. Among those were offences such as robbery, shoplifting, bike theft, car theft, and burglaries.

Operating as locksmiths in Banbury, we present a look at burglary statistics for Banbury Town to highlight why it is so important that the locks on our properties are secure and have been installed by a reliable locksmith. Continue reading “Tackling the Biggest Threat to the Security of our Homes”