Tackling the Biggest Threat to the Security of our Homes

Banbury townWith a population of over 24,000, Banbury town was subject to as many as 3,341 reported crimes in 2017. Among those were offences such as robbery, shoplifting, bike theft, car theft, and burglaries.

Operating as locksmiths in Banbury, we present a look at burglary statistics for Banbury Town to highlight why it is so important that the locks on our properties are secure and have been installed by a reliable locksmith. Continue reading “Tackling the Biggest Threat to the Security of our Homes”

More Strange But True Crime Stories

Oxfordshire, UKCPPM Locksmiths’ newsround of strange crime and security related stories from various news sources

As we dust off the cobwebs of another month, here’s a post you might enjoy. Following on from last December’s anthology of Strange But True crime stories, we have another selection of strange stories. A few you may have missed, whilst sunbathing in Costa del Witney or Le Cote des Abingdon. Here’s a few that made us laugh, cry, or cringe. Continue reading “More Strange But True Crime Stories”

Strange But True Crime Stories

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A collection of strange but true crime stories from recent and not-so-recent times, and similar oddities

Have you heard the one about the stolen footbridge in a Selby holding yard? Or the theft of several burglar alarms? For today’s post, we are looking at some of the most unusual crime stories to have happened in recent times. In other words, we are Road Wars without the road, let alone Sky’s budget. With today being one of three Fridays before Christmas, we have plumped for something a bit more light-hearted. Continue reading “Strange But True Crime Stories”