Home Security Public Information Films

What can it be? CPPM Locksmiths’ look at some home security public information films from the past

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Public Information Films: they are as part of British culture as well as their intended purpose. They were originally created for wartime purposes by the Ministry of Information – later the Central Office of Information. They specialised in disseminating important information, in film and televisual forms. When peacetime arrived, PIFs were used to warn people about burglars, the threat of nuclear war, strangers, and drink-driving.

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History of Locksmiths

Ever wondered how locks were first made? As Oxford locksmiths, we specialise in this area and have produced a handy infographic to show the history of locksmiths throughout the years, from the ancient Egyptians to the distinctive designs by Yale, whose locking systems are still in use today! Continue reading “History of Locksmiths”