What Is Lock Snapping?

You Think You Have Locked Your Door? Think Again!

Burglars use simple hand tools like screwdrivers and hammers to snap locks. Upsettingly, it is a matter of 5-10 seconds, and your door is opened. No experience or skill is required. Just some brute force and the lock snapping becomes successful.lock repairs Continue reading “What Is Lock Snapping?”

Measures to Take To Secure Your Belongings This Christmas

door unlocked

Try not to leave home looking empty. Consider doing tasks such as cutting the garden before going to keep the house looking organised and not abandoned. Also, it can be very convenient to ask a neighbour if they can water your flowers or garden to keep them alive. Most people have planned to travel during the Christmas season to be with their families but worry about the safe the of their properties. Here are some interesting this to start with when planning the Christmas trip.

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