Fast, reliable and competitive locksmith services covering Banbury and the rest of Oxfordshire

Locksmith in Banbury
You won’t be cross with our services: the historical market town of Banbury is one of many parts of Oxfordshire that benefits from CPPM Locksmiths’ service, realistic prices and professionalism. Image of Banbury Cross by Caron Badkin (via Shutterstock).

If you are looking for a locksmith in Banbury we can help. Here at CPPM, we offer professional locksmith services in and around the area. Based in Abingdon, we often fit new window and door locks to clients in Banbury and are only a short drive away on the M40. Whether you need us to fit in a new lock for your door, garage, window or cabinet, our experienced team will be happy to help.

When you choose CPPM Locksmiths, we will ensure you receive the best service around. Our highly trained staff will get to your location quickly and will include full identification passes so you will know it’s not just any old stranger turning up at your premises. The keys being fitted will conform to the very highest British Standards BS3621: a British Standard that sets a benchmark out for quality goods and services.

First Rate Locksmith Services in Banbury and beyond

Whatever the lock you need, we will be able to help and can find the right solution. Our 24 hours a day and seven days a week emergency locksmith services provides you with peace of mind. The knowledge that your property or premises are secure is gratifying; easy access is a spare key away, whenever it is needed. Furthermore, we are insurance approved; this covers us if something goes wrong. We also cover PVC window and door repairs for additional peace of mind.

With Banbury a bustling market town, we often find local retailers and businesses who need our services. For example: those in the car manufacturing industries; electrical retailers; food processing industries; and printing specialists. In other words, a potential customer base of 46,853 people. Other parts of Oxfordshire covered include Abingdon, Headington, Kidlington, Didcot, Witney and Grove. Also the county city, too.

If you have any queries about our locksmith services, why not give us a call on 01235 239068? For our 24/7 emergency services, call us on 07760 537147. Alternatively, you can also email us via Whatever way you choose to contact us, we shall get back to you as quickly as possible.