Banbury Burglary Crime Statistics

Banbury has been providing information about crimes in different parts of the UK, and Banbury is one of those areas that are covered in the reports provided about crime. The body provides information available to the public that details the number of cases reported from different areas.

For example, 8 incidences of burglary were reported in March this year, and in January this number across Banbury was 15 cases. However, there are many cases that are not displayed on the map. In Thames Valley, in January there were 98 incidences of burglary that could not be mapped to a specific location.

Why Not All Outcomes of Crimes are Shown

You might be wondering why the site does not provide data about all crimes committed in a specific area. There are few reasons why outcomes of crimes may not be shown. Here are some things you need to know.

  • Different IT systems
    One of the reasons you will not always find data about outcomes of some crimes is because of technical reasons. For example, an area like Banbury may not have the same IT systems as another area within Thames Valley. This problem has even encouraged criminal justice agencies to work on making their systems compatible, but there is yet to be a harmonised process where all information required can be shown instantly.
  • More than one outcome
    The information provided about Banbury by is according to the data they are served by the court. There are cases where an offender is featured in more than one outcome and only the most punitive will be picked for display.

What the dots on the map represent

While studying the map, you may have come across the dots on the map and wondered what these are about. Basically, these dots show where the crime occurred. Incidents are mapped on dots for security purposes, because providing the exact location may expose some individuals to more risk.

Rather than place the snap point over the exact house in which the burglary happened, the website moves the location to the nearest point. This point can be in the middle of a street with some descriptive text stating there was a burglary near or on the street. Therefore, due to the usage of the snap point on the website, you are not guaranteed the place where the dot rests is the exact point where the burglary happened.

Prevent Burglary in Banbury

With the prevalence of burglary in Banbury at more than 5% of total crimes committed, you should invest in good protection measures to ensure you don’t fall victim of the action of the burglars. One of the things you can do in this case to invite a Banbury locksmith for repair works on your locks and to also install stronger systems that will prevent easy entry of burglars into your premises.

Even for commercial premises, you may need to install burglar-proof systems that will protect your property and ensure you don’t lose through theft. There are automated systems that can alert you whenever there are attempts to get into your property.