Burglary Statistics in Oxfordshire

A Look at the Burglary Statistics in Oxfordshire

If you are planning to live in Oxfordshire or already do, learning some of the crime statistics is crucial. You know what to anticipate and how to respond. Oxfordshire, UK

The current annual crime rate is 4.3 of every 1,000 workday people. Out of these, burglary crimes make 6.2%. According to 2019 statistics, the number of burglaries has decreased by 18.8%. Out of the 55 counties of England and Wales, Oxfordshire ranks 11 in the list of lowest crime rates. Burglary rates in the county have continued to drop over the years, but a few bad elements persist. Some towns experience higher cases of burglary than others. Recent numbers show that Dyfed, Cornwall and Isle of Wight have some of the lowest rates.

Getting Your Security Right

Even if you live in a neighbourhood with few cases of burglary, enhancing domestic security is always advisable. Secure locks are the first safety measure in any home, and a locksmith Oxfordshire company can help. Every door from the main entrance to the patio door to the garage should have a high-quality lock to deter intruders. A good percentage of burglaries are due to poorly secured doors. Low-grade locks will not put up much resistance if a burglar tries to break in. Insist on the highest standard of security by getting top lock brands.

Locking mechanisms on windows are another security measure that you could implement. With the expertise of skilled locksmiths Oxfordshire, you can reduce the risk of burglars targeting windows as entry points. Depending on how secure you want a property to be, you could have bars on the windows as well.

Get repairs and replacement as soon as they are required. Leaving a spoilt lock unattended may be just the opportunity that a burglar is looking for. If your PVC windows are damaged, get repairs from qualified professionals. Ensure that all locks adhere to British Standards. You can schedule safety inspections with a locksmith to find out any vulnerability in your home.

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