Top 5 Security Precautions When Leaving Your House

home keysWhen leaving your house for a holiday – or just an ordinary outing, it’s important to take a few precautions to protect your home belongings and privacy. Employing extra vigilance is a wise practice so as to avoid being sorry if something that would have been avoided goes wrong.

Just knowing that your house is safe when away gives you the mental peace to enjoy your outing. You can actually have fun on holiday without the dread of someone invading your house and taking away your belongings. Here are top five security measures to observe before leaving your house.

1. Let your House Look Occupied

It’s important to send a message that indicates that someone lives in your house even if this is not the case. Many people do the mistake of switching off the lights when going for a far adventure. This sends an idea to people that no one is around. Passersby and neighbours don’t have to know that no one is left behind when you leave your house. You can switch the lights on and make the house look ordinary.

2. Lock Up

Even though it’s sensible to leave the house looking like it’s occupied, locking up is a basic precaution. The locks don’t have to look obvious. Locking your house is crucial if you don’t want to attract burglars or external pets. If you can lock the house and gate from inside, this is better as no one can tell that you are not around. The process also involves shutting the windows and all other openings in your house.

3. Disconnect Electronic Plugs

Some electronic devices such as the television, computer, and coffee pot need disconnecting when going away for days. Doing this benefits you in two ways. Firstly, the practice saves you from paying extra energy costs.

Secondly, the action prevents you from worrying about the security of your house with respect to electrical malfunctions. If you have a portable GPS system, you should not leave it in your car as the device may alert burglars, and they will know that you are not in the house.

4. Don’t be Carelessly Open about your Travel

When parting the house for a holiday, it’s smart to be selective when sharing your trip details. You should not talk to people that you don’t trust, not even the neighbours that you are not close to. At times, people make the mistake of talking to the right people at the wrong time. For example, sharing your travel details in a public space is not wise as you may never know who is listening.

5. Maintain your Landscape

When away for long, it’s important to hire someone to maintain the outward appearance of your compound. For example, you can have a trusted person to do the mowing, sweep the compound, and trim the hedges.

Overall, the security of your home depends entirely on what you do before leaving the house. Taking prior precautions is shrewd if you want to find your house and stuff intact. Good security practices are vital and should be done often. If you require any home security services, get in touch with CPPM and our experienced locksmiths can help you out.