Bathroom Locks – What To Consider

What Consider When Buying a Bathroom Door Lock

Bathroom locks are important features in any kind of residence, whether it’s just the two of you using it, or it’s being shared by six family members.bathroom locks

Often, people don’t think about the lock on their bathroom door, yet it’s a necessity that needs some attention. Bathroom door locks are not mainly used to shut out intruders but to stop individuals from getting in when you are using the bathroom.

Having claimed that, below are key factors that you should consider when shopping for your bathroom door lock.

How Much Safety Do You Need?

By safety, I mean privacy. Primarily, bathroom door locks are designed to provide you with the privacy you need. The idea of being safe and secure when using the bathroom does not click in our minds. Therefore, bathroom door locks differ in design, and features depending on the level of privacy you need.

This depends on your home setting. If you have kids, getting a door lock that is hard to use is the best choice. Such locks will ensure they do not lock themselves inside, and you can easily oversee their activities in the bathroom. For safety concerns, install a strong lock which is out of children’s reach which can be used for security purpose.

Is It Designed for Any Emergency?

It’s well known that the bathroom is the only room in your house where most accidents are likely to happen. Fainting in the bathroom due to excessive heat or falling on the wet floor, are some of the accidents likely to occur. Therefore, it’s advisable that you buy a lock that is easy to bypass from the outside. The lock should also be unlockable from the outside. In case the door doesn’t unlock, contact emergency locksmiths from CPPM for instant response.

Is It User-Friendly to Everyone in the House?

Bathroom locks should be easy to open both from the outside and inside. The lock should be simple for everyone to use in the house. Where there are children or people living with a disability, using standard locks is advisable. In addition, Indicator Bolts with bigger handles can be used for people struggling with standard locks.

The Best Bathroom Door Lock Service Providers

CPPM Locksmiths is the leading provider of locksmith services in and around Oxfordshire. We can provide lock repairs to your high-security door to ensure that it delivers the safety and privacy your home needs. CPPM also offers emergency locksmiths services. Consult with our experts on 01235 239 068 to get the best bathroom door locks.