How Door and Window Locks Can Save The Planet

As well as protecting your home from intruders, door and window locks are a more carbon neutral option than state-of-the-art security devices

Window locks image by BTogether.Ked (via Shutterstock).
Cheap, cheerful, and environmentally friendly: a good set of window locks and door locks. Image by BTogether.Ked (via Shutterstock).

In the last year, the Internet of Things have dominated home security equipment. This has meant greater use of smartphone apps. Also internet access to your burglar alarm or CCTV to see who could be breaking into your home. Whilst in your office or lazing on a beach in Tenerife. Good though they are, we seldom think of their carbon footprint. According to a survey from the University of Surrey, bog-standard door and window locks are more environmentally friendly.

In the study conducted by engineering postgraduate, Helen Skudder, she found that door and window locks had a much lower carbon footprint than state-of-the-art burglar alarms. Door locks have a carbon footprint of 13kg CO2 per household, and carbon payback ratio of 80. For window locks, the payback ratio is 20.

What about burglar alarms?

As for burglar alarms, the carbon payback ratio is much lower. According to the study, they offer less protection than having no security measures at all. Plus the highest carbon footprint of the security measures she had tested.

It is also worth noting that the manufacturing process of modern day gadgets include the use of rare earth minerals like Tantalum and Columbium. Also the working conditions involved in Coltan mining and its toxic environment. Secondly, there’s the amount of electricity and communications infrastructure required for smart alarms and CCTV equipment. Not only from where your system is fitted, but also the amount of power to check your smartphone app a thousand yards, or a thousand miles away from home.

So, if you care about home security and the environment, invest in a set of decent door locks and window locks. Just ask our Colin for further details.

CPPM Locksmiths, 12 May 2017.