Home Security Gadgets: The Barking Dog Alarm

A look at Clifford James’ novel barking dog alarm

security guard dogThere is one thing which irritates burglars more than anything. Not that of complex locks, nor the house looking busy, if the occupants have gone on holiday. Likely to get 65 or more in Pointless for the source of any burglar’s peeves is our four legged friend. Yes, a barking dog.

Dogs are great. When you return, there is no other animal that can give you a joyous welcome. From Chihuahua to Jack Russell and Great Dane, a barking dog is usually first to the scene if its owner comes to grief. Dogs can sense unwelcome callers – burglars for example. As well as being great pets, they can be good at stopping intruders. What if you lack the room for a dog or happen to be allergic to pet hairs? For the last year or so, Clifford James has offered a unique take on the portable burglar alarm.

The barking dog alarm uses motion detectors to alert residents of coming burglars. In this clip below, we see an intruder, running away from what is assumed to be a rabid dog.

Looking like a cross between a 1950s radio set and half a surfboard, the unit is seen placed on a bookshelf. As the clip continues, we see how its portability is good for sheds, yachts, caravans, and tents. How is this possible? The barking dog alarm uses six AA batteries or an AC adaptor. What if you wish to change the sound? There are two other sound options: a doorbell chime or a standard burglar alarm noise.

Though Clifford James has sold the alarm since 2012, various forms of the barking dog alarm have been sold around the world. In the UK they currently sell for £49.99.

Is is worth the dosh? If you don’t have a dog, only just. You still need to invest in locksmith services as extra protection for your home. For a bit more than the cost of a barking dog alarm, why not adopt a rescue dog from your nearest animal rescue center (such as the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)? The exercise, the company, and peace of mind is considerably better than a sampled dog bark. All these dog walks mean fewer trips to the gym as well.

CPPM Locksmiths, 20 September 2016.