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Top Tips to Check the Security of Your Home

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Burglary and many other related home security problems are reported almost on daily basis. The security threats are not evadable, but they can homeowners can control and eliminate them through undertaking various measures. Some of the measures are expensive while others are costless. In fact, you can frustrate security threats in your home.

The following are the top tips to check the security of your home.

Use Reliable Locks That Have an Internal Security Plan

  • Records show that most burglaries happen either through the door or windows. Extra entrance doors are also a target for the burglars. You should first inspect the condition of your doors and windows;
  • It is vital to have secure and good locks that offer high reliability. At affordable costs, you can get high-security door and window locks for your home from CPPM Locksmiths Company;
  • The doors also require a pimping hole to enable viewing of any security threat from outside;
  • Windows should have good curtains to prevent intruders from getting a clear view of the inside;
  • You should also keep your valuables safely in locked cabinets when not using them. You can bolt the safes to eliminate their mobility factor.

Invest in a Security System

You can go an extra mile and buy a security system for your home. Security systems are priced differently depending on their security capabilities. Most security systems include alarms, smoke detectors and sensors of motion. You can also include CCTV cameras as part of your security system to easily monitor the home surroundings. It is recommendable to have a good lighting system outside the house, especially at the doors and windows. Such a move is likely to demotivate the buglers from breaking into the house. It is also good to test the security system by performing a mock intrusion.

Take Concern of Your Home Environment and the Neighbourhood

  • When it comes to checking on security, you should not leave anything to chance. You should have a clear view. All the shrubs that may serve as hiding sections for intruders should be cleared. Add security indicators to scare intruders whether you have a security system or not;
  • You also need to consider your neighbours for your security concerns. They may be security threat or boost. It is good to know who lives next to you and what they do for a living. You can team up with the neighbours to secure the surrounding environment by even a security watch pact;
  • Consider locking your gates with secure locks such as CPPM Locksmiths‘ locks;
  • The fence should be well made to include barbed wire or sharp pointed metallic objects on the top to discourage intruders;
  • It is good not to expose valuables that may attract invasion to your home. For instance, cars should have a garage that hides them. You should also dispose containers of valuable items safely or keep them in hidden places to prevent ill-motive people from knowing your possessions.

Your home’s security is entirely your responsibility. The strategies you use and the facilities you install for security purpose matters a lot. CPPM Locksmiths’ high standard locks are the best security you can have on your doors, windows and cabinets. They offer the lock installation to their employees and affiliates who all are CRB cleared to ensure trust on them.

The Best Home Security Cameras

Home Security CamerasShopping around for home security can be a tough task and it is often the case that no expense is spared when it comes to protecting your family. Tech companies are becoming increasingly savvy to the fact that people do not want to be overcharged for security and in turn they are providing many affordable solutions to suit the needs of any home. more »

Locksmiths: Beyond Locks and Keys

The Various Roles of Modern Locksmiths

Roles of a Modern Day Locksmith

The traditional role of a locksmith revolved around lock and keys- fixing broken locks, copying keys and installing new locks. For some people, the term locksmith means a tradesperson for lock repairs and replacement, but that is not the entirety of the services offered. Trained locksmiths in the UK are well-versed in many security issues, which makes them invaluable assets in various situations. more »

Should You Fit Your Own Door Lock?

Why a Professional Should do Your Lock Repairs and Replacements

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5 Common Security Mistakes Made by Car Owners

Keep Your Car SecureYou may think that it won’t ever happen to you, but with over 250,000 vehicle break-ins and 85,000 vehicle thefts in the UK in 2016, thieves pose a very real risk. Don’t fall foul of these five common security mistakes.

1: Leaving valuables on display

Don’t tempt a thief by leaving your valuables on display, even if you’re just popping away for a few minutes. Make sure to remove any bags or other items when you leave the car, or put them out of sight in the boot, glove compartment or under the seats. If you use a sat nav, don’t leave the dock on your windscreen or dashboard, as this alerts thieves to the presence of potentially valuable tech. more »

Top 5 Security Precautions You Should Carry Out When Leaving Your House

Security Precautions For Your HomeWhen leaving your house for a vacation or just an ordinary outing, it’s important to take a few precautions to protect your home belongings and privacy. Employing extra vigilance is a wise practice so as to avoid being sorry if something that would have been avoided goes wrong.

Just knowing that your house is safe when away gives you the mental peace to enjoy your outing. You can actually have fun on vacation without the dread of someone invading your house and taking away your belongings. Here are top five security measures to observe before leaving your house.

1. Let your House Look Occupied

It’s important to send a message that indicates that someone lives in your house even if this is not the case. Many people do the mistake of switching off the lights when going for a far adventure. This sends an idea to people that no one is around. Passersby and neighbours don’t have to know that no one is left behind when you leave your house. You can switch the lights on and make the house look ordinary. more »

Which CCTV Systems Are Perfect For You?

CCTV systemsHome security is paramount to any homeowner especially given the sophisticated antics used by burglars to break into homes today. CCTV systems help you reinforce your home’s security by providing you real-time surveillance of your premise.

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Measures to Take To Secure Your Belongings This Christmas

door unlocked
                                                 Stay safe over Christmas

Try not to leave home looking empty. Consider doing tasks such as cutting the garden before going to keep the house looking organised and not abandoned. Also, it can be very convenient to ask a neighbour if they can water your flowers or garden to keep them alive. Most people have planned to travel during the Christmas season to be with their families but worry about the safe the of their properties. Here are some interesting this to start with when planning the Christmas trip.

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Daily Tasks of a Locksmith

Daily Locksmith Tasks

A locksmith is anyone who has got all the skills needed to install, maintain, secure, fix, and opens locks on safes, doors and other places where there are locks. This is contrary to the perception of many people that locksmiths just cut keys even though key cutting is part of what a locksmith has to do. The locksmiths of today are doing more than just operating locks, they can act as security consultants, do forensic locksmithing and offer other professional services related to locksmithing. more »

The Strongest Door Locks on The Market

door locks with smartphone app
Control your door locks with the use of Smart Locks

When it comes to ensuring the security of our homes, choosing a secure lock is the first priority. This means choosing the strongest secure lock, with other factors such as style, cost and finish coming afterwards. Choosing a secure lock will also depend on other factors such as whether the lock will be used in an interior or exterior door, which will determine the type of locking mechanism to be installed. It is highly recommended to invest in a high quality lock that is durable for the long time. This is to ensure you will not have to change your locks frequently. more »