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Daily Tasks of a Locksmith

Daily Locksmith Tasks

A locksmith is anyone who has got all the skills needed to install, maintain, secure, fix, and opens locks on safes, doors and other places where there are locks. This is contrary to the perception of many people that locksmiths just cut keys even though key cutting is part of what a locksmith has to do. The locksmiths of today are doing more than just operating locks, they can act as security consultants, do forensic locksmithing and offer other professional services related to locksmithing. more »

The Strongest Door Locks on The Market

door locks with smartphone app
Control your door locks with the use of Smart Locks

When it comes to ensuring the security of our homes, choosing a secure lock is the first priority. This means choosing the strongest secure lock, with other factors such as style, cost and finish coming afterwards. Choosing a secure lock will also depend on other factors such as whether the lock will be used in an interior or exterior door, which will determine the type of locking mechanism to be installed. It is highly recommended to invest in a high quality lock that is durable for the long time. This is to ensure you will not have to change your locks frequently. more »

What Are The Differences Between a Car Locksmith and a Door Locksmith

Car vs. Door Locksmith differences

A car locksmith and a door locksmith are two proficient technicians belonging in the same profession, for both are in the lock and key making business. What differentiates them is the specialisation in which one has majored in. A door locksmith is familiar with the door locks and repairing them as well, while a car locksmith deals with auto locking systems. more »

Six Home Security Mistakes to Avoid Making

A look at the most obvious home security mistakes you should refrain from doing

Burglar Home Security Tips image by Photographee.eu (via Shutterstock).
Stop him! Plus several other intruders of his ilk – by refraining from making schoolboy errors in your home security arrangements. Image by Photographee.eu (via Shutterstock).

“Do you remember the 21st night of September…?” Ah, September: either summer’s last hurrah, or a sure sign that autumn has arrived. Apart from being that point of the year when the schools start again, it is a popular time for burglars. If you remember one of our previous articles, it stated how autumn provided rich pickings for thieves. Sometimes with home security, we might be ill prepared, or make silly mistakes.

Silly mistakes have set the tone for this article. CPPM Locksmiths look at six home security mistakes you should avoid, to keep the burglars at bay.

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More Strange But True Crime Stories

CPPM Locksmiths’ newsround of strange crime and security related stories from various news sources

CPPM Strange But True graphic
With apologies to the graphic designer of the Tales of the Unexpected opening titles. Silhouette image by Roman Samborskyi (via Shutterstock).

As we dust off the cobwebs of another month, here’s a post you might enjoy. Following on from last December’s anthology of Strange But True crime stories, we have another selection of strange stories. A few you may have missed, whilst sunbathing in Costa del Witney or Le Cote des Abingdon. Here’s a few that made us laugh, cry, or cringe. more »

National Home Security Month Goes Back to Basics

Why National Home Security Month is looking at simple ways to improve your home’s security arrangements

National Home Security Month image by Hans Geel (via Shutterstock).
Like child’s play: this year, National Home Security Month will be looking at home security improvements that are simple yet effective. Image by Hans Geel (via Shutterstock).

How many times do you see the word ‘smart’ being added to everyday items? For example: Smart Motorways; Smart Meters; Smart Home Security. Why do we never have Stupid Motorways or Stupid Meters? O.K., we are going off at a tangent here but you will get the point. With state-of-the-art security systems wowing the plaudits, it is easy for us to take your eye off the ball and forget about tried and tested mechanical methods. This October, National Home Security Month will highlight how the simplest methods stand the test of time today.

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Why the iSmart Is Not So Smart

Five fundamental security flaws spotted in the iSmart system

iSmart burglar alarm panel image by Africa Studio (via Shutterstock).
Not so iSmart? Thanks to observations by BullGuard’s Head of Security Research, the iSmartAlarm system has been affected by five major security issues. Image by Africa Studio (via Shutterstock).

Have you ever thought of purchasing (or already own) the iSmart electronic security system? You might need to shop around. In spite of being known as the highest rated digital security system by the Cnet website, recent findings may sully its reputation. From BullGuard, a study by Ilia Shnaidman (Head of Security Research at BullGuard Dojo), noted five glaring issues.

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Which Guard Dog is Best for Me?

A look at the best guard dog breeds for protecting your property

Guard dog image by Nataliya Ostapenko (via Shutterstock).
For many people, the German Shepherd dog is the first dog breed we think of when guard dogs come into the equation. Image by Nataliya Ostapenko (via Shutterstock).

Dogs are great. As well as being a loving companion, they can help to keep you safe at home and provide company for otherwise lonely owners. Depending on the amount of walks you take them on, they could save you a fortune on gym subscriptions. Some dog breeds could be guard dog material.

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West Yorkshire Cops Padlock Pintas

Petty pilfering epidemic at West Yorkshire police stations sees PCs adding a padlock to their pints

Padlock pinta image by Perfect Lazybones (via Shutterstock).
Not gotta lotta bottle: supplies of semi-skimmed milk at Halifax police station. Image by Perfect Lazybones (via Shutterstock).

Throughout the 1970s, Unigate had a memorable advertising campaign based around mythical characters known as the Humphreys. They were invisible characters, apart from their red and white striped straws. The Humphreys liked their milk: too much for some, to a point where Unigate simply said “order another pint”. Almost fifty years on the spirit of the Humphreys is seemingly alive and well in West Yorkshire police stations. So much so that they’ve added a padlock to their pintas. more »

How £20 Skeleton Key is Behind UK Tool Thefts

Why a £20 skeleton key, designed for locksmiths, is behind thousands of tool and van thefts

Skeleton key image by Margaret M. Stewart (via Shutterstock).
The key to tool thefts? Image by Margaret M. Stewart (via Shutterstock).

In the last year, it has been claimed that a £20 skeleton key is behind thousands of vehicle and tool thefts across the UK. The Ford Tibbe Premium Lock Pick and Decoder tool, designed for locksmiths, sells for between £20 to £30. What’s more damning is the availability of the lock pick and decoder: they can purchased online, without a quibble.

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