History of Locksmiths

Ever wondered how locks were first made? As Oxford locksmiths, we specialise in this area and have produced a handy infographic to show the history of locksmiths throughout the years, from the ancient Egyptians to the distinctive designs by Yale, whose locking systems are still in use today! Continue reading “History of Locksmiths”

Avoiding Bogus Locksmith Services

How to avoid bogus locksmith services that could cost you more in the long run

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You might need this guide. Hopefully, you wouldn’t need to refer to this post at all, especially if you’ve turned to us in the past. For our industry, bogus locksmith services give our respected profession a bad name. As with any other product or service, two important words apply; caveat emptor. In other words, buyer beware.

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How a Hire Car Foiled a Career Criminal

Career criminal enrolled for locksmiths’ course before breaking into 21 vehicles

Bradford aerial view
An aerial view of Bradford city centre: To the top left-of-centre behind St. George’s Hall is Bradford Crown Court where career criminal Darren Rayner was tried. Image by Neil Mitchell (via Shutterstock).

A Bradford-based career criminal is serving the best part of seven years in jail due to vehicle theft in Yorkshire. Last June, Darren Rayner (41) was sentenced to three years imprisonment, after his involvement in 21 separate thefts. This May, Mr. Rayner’s three-year sentence was extended, having already had 26 convictions for 88 offences. Continue reading “How a Hire Car Foiled a Career Criminal”

Pre-Holiday Security Tips

Keep the burglars at bay before you get away

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The school holidays aren’t only in full swing at this very moment. In Britain, we are in the midst of the high point of the summer season. It is that time of the year when hotels are at their most expensive due to supply and demand. It is that point where the Advance Purchase train tickets to UK resorts were sold out weeks ago. It is also a good time for burglars, which is why you should secure your home before you set off on your holiday. Continue reading “Pre-Holiday Security Tips”